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Henan Ruike Medical Devices Co.,Ltd

Henan Ruike Medical Devices Co.,Ltd


Henan Ruike Medical Devices Co.,Ltd
About Us
Founded in 1992 Henan Ruike Medical Instrument Co Ltd is a integrated enterprise which combines production processing marketing research development and services The company covers an area of 10000 square feet construction area of 60000 square feet workshop area of 20000 square feet and purification area of 20000 square There are 328 employees in which 20 are professional managers Ruike has been authenticated by ISO13485 ISO9001 quality system Our products have gained great popularity in domestic and foreign medical institutions It encompasses a large range of medical instruments such as Rooster brand disposable gastric tube disposable sterile production package medical oxygen mask medical...

Categories and Products

Medical Masks

Medical Pad

Medical Gauze Block

Medical Surgical Kits

Medical Absorbent Cotton

Medical Surgical Gowns And Caps

Medical Polymer

Medical Gloves

Medical Applicator

Medical Bandages

Medical Isolation Shoe Cover

Medical Isolation Mask

Products Keywords
Gauze PadGauze BagGauze BlockMedical SwabGastric TubeMedical MaskRoll BandageGauze SpongeSurgical GownMedical SwabsSterile GauzeSingle Use PadInner Ear MaskSurgical MasksGypsum BandageTreatment TowelOne-Time AirwayAnesthesia MaskGypsona BandageProtective MaskSurgical CottonDisposable MaskGastroscopy KitDisposable GownExamination PadPvc Suction TubeMedical Dome HatCotton Wool RollMedical Use TypeSkim Gauze BlockLarge Cotton BallHigh Quality Mask3ply Medical MaskField Surgery KitBasic Surgical KitGauze Bandage RollIntubation PackageMedical RespiratorWound Dressing SetMedical Cotton PadField Surgical KitFluid Drainage BagMedium Cotton BallMedical Hole TowelMedical Cotton RollMedical Cotton PadsSterile Cotton SwabMedical Oxygen MaskOral Inspection KitOne-time Single PadMedical Cotton BallBiomedical PolymersMedical Gauze BlockSingle Use Dome HatMedical Cotton WoolMedical Cotton SwabMedical Elastic CapN95 Protective MaskNeonatal RespiratorDisposable Bed PadsDisposable Ear MaskDental Cotton RollsSurgical Suture KitMedium Plane GlovesCatheterization KitWound Care BandagesMedical Cotton SheetDisposable Gauze PadIsolation Shoe CoverParaffin Cotton BallDisposable UnderpadsMedical Cotton BallsPatient Transfer PadSterile Cotton BallsOxygen Mask With BagGauze Roller BandageSterile Surgical KitBandage Medical MaskMedical Dressing KitBandage Plaster TapeMedical Suction TubeMedical Cotton GauzeSingle Use NebulizerMedical Cotton SwabsCotton Gauze BandageDisposable Pad TowelSterile Perineal BagSterile Care PackageDisposable Face MaskAbsorbent Cotton PadMedical Drainage BagDisposable Pe GlovesPlastic Surgical FilmDisposable Cotton PadDisposable Split GownSurgical Cotton BallsMedical Rubber GlovesMedical Surgical CapsSterile Gauze BandageMedical Nitrile GloveDisposable Hole TowelPerineal Care PackageSterile Medical SwabsElastic Crepe BandagePatient Transfer PadsEndoscopy AccessoriesSingle Use ApplicatorAbsorbent Cotton BallMedical Plaster LinerMedical Surgical GownDialysis Care PackageBandage Surgical MaskSterile Surgical GownMedical Grade PolymerMedical Surgical FilmSingle Use Medical PadDisposable Gauze BlockDisposable Cotton BallGloves For Medical UseAir Atomization DeviceMedical Isolation MaskSingle Use Gauze BlockAbsorbent Cotton SwabsSterile Surgical PacksDialysis Care PackagesDisposable Oxygen MaskDisposable Cotton SwabDisposable Medical CapDisposable Cotton PadsDisposable Medical PadMedical Infusion PatchMedical Isolation GownNon-woven Medical MaskSingle Use Cotton SwabCotton For Medical UseMedical Surgical GownsSingle Use Dialysis KitPlaster Pad For PatientDisposable Infusion BagMedical Treatment TowelDisposable Medical MaskMedical Protective MaskMedical Gastroscopy KitWhite Skimmed Gauze PadMedical Pads For WoundsDisposable Surgical KitDisposable Bandage MaskAngiography Surgery KitDisposable Transfer PadAdult Simple RespiratorUltrasonic Welding MaskSingle Use Suction TubeDisposable Drainage BagMedical Connection TubeViscose Plaster BandageDisposable Cotton SheetMedical Anesthesia MaskDisposable Medical CapsPolymer Anesthesia MaskDisposable Cotton SwabsMedical Vaginal DilatorHeadband Isolation MaskSingle Use Medical MaskPolymer Vaginal DilatorOne-time Use Hole TowelSterile Vaginal DilatorOne-time Use Single PadMedical Elastic BandageDisposable Medical BillMedical Wound Care PadsSingle Use Medical BillBleeding Measuring TowelSingle Use Plaster LinerSurgical Procedure PacksDisposable Plaster LinerOne-time Treatment TowelOne-Piece Isolation GownOne-time Use Elastic CapDisposable Surgical GownMedical Disposable TowelSingle Use Surgical GownBamboo Stick Cotton SwabPlastic Tube for SuctionDisposable Gauze BandageSurgical Hole Towel UsesIntravenous Infusion BagSkim Gauze Dressing BallEar-Mounted Medical MaskDisposable Surgical FilmConforming Gauze BandageEquipment Of AngiographyOral Examination PackageDisposable Dressing BallElastic Bandage For KneeHot-Pressed Drainage BagMedical Disposable GloveDisposable Medical MasksCotton Tipped ApplicatorsDisposable Infusion PatchMedical Skimmed Gauze PadDisposable Plastic GlovesMedical Nasal Oxygen TubeSingle-Use Laryngeal MaskNon-Sterile Plaster LinerMedical Skimmed Gauze BagOne-Time Skim Gauze BlockOne-Time Use Dressing KitTrumpet-Type Suction TubeCotton Medical Cotton PadMedical Endotracheal TubeSingle Use Isolation MaskPolymer Endotracheal TubeIsolation Disposable MaskOne-Time Use Transfer PadElastic Bandage For AnkleMedical Spare Leather BagDisposable Inspection PadRubber Examination GlovesPolymer Nasal Oxygen TubeMedical Simple RespiratorA Medical Gastroscopy KitAnesthesia Face Mask TypesOropharyngeal Airway PartsSterile Production PackageInfusion Auxiliary PackageSingle Use Anesthesia LineDisposable Medical BandageIntravenous Infusion PatchDisposable Vaginal DilatorSterile Medical Cotton PadDisposable Protective MaskDisposable Medical GogglesSelf Adhesive Medical TapeDisposable Gastroscopy KitSingle Use Vaginal DilatorMedical Grade Middle OrderDisposable Treatment TowelMedical Gynecology PackageNon-Sterile Inspection PadDisposable Measuring TowelOrthopedic Plaster BandageWhite Medical Gauze BandageMedical Oral Inspection KitLiquid Paraffin Cotton BallMedical N95 Protective MaskPolymer Medical Oxygen MaskTracheal Intubation PackageMedical Catheterization KitOne-Time Use Laryngeal MaskGauze Piece for Medical UseDisposable Medical DressingOrifice Towel For TreatmentFirst Aid Simple RespiratorDisposable Medical CatheterMedical Sterile Gauze BlockDisposable Polymer ExpanderNon-Woven Fabric Shoe CoverSterile Catheterization KitOne-time Use Connection TubeMedical Paraffin Cotton BallOne-Time Medical Cotton BallHead-Mounted Protective MaskDisposable Medical UnderpadsDisposable Paraffin Wax BallSimple Artificial RespiratorSelf-Adhesive Wound DressingFilm Plane Inspection GlovesNon-Cystic Endotracheal TubePolymer Medical Gastric TubeOne-Time Dressing Change KitDisposable Medical Gauze BagDisposable Large Cotton BallMedical Split Isolation GownPortable Breathing ApparatusMedical Grade Use Hole TowelMedical Oropharyngeal AirwaySingle Use Endotracheal TubeMedical Isolation Shoe CoverMedical Sterile Surgical KitEnhanced Tracheal IntubationSingle Use Medical NebulizerHigh Quality Elastic BandageDrapes Disposable Hole TowelMedical Blood Collection KitAnesthesia Breathing CircuitOne-time Medical Cotton SwabSingle Use Breathing CircuitOne-time Use Medical BandageDouble-Hole Nasal Oxygen TubeSingle-Hole Nasal Oxygen TubeSingle Use Bladder IntubationEmergency Breathing ApparatusDisposable Medical Hole TowelMedical Dialysis Care PackageMedical Absorbent Cotton BallSingle Use Isolation Eye MaskDisposable Medical Cotton PadMedical Degreased Gauze BlockDisposable Gynecology PackageAbsorbent Medical Cotton BallSingle Use Sterile Gauze BlockSingle Use Medical Cotton BallMedical Umbilical Care PackageOne-Time Use Spare Leather BagOne-time Use Paraffin Wax BallPolymer Medical Laryngeal MaskDisposable Polymer Oxygen MaskDisposable Medical Oxygen MaskVaricose Veins Elastic BandageSingle Use Medical Cotton SwabDisposable Medical Cotton BallMedical Polymer Vagina DilatorDisposable Medical Cotton SwabDisposable Oral Inspection KitAseptic Use of Production KitsOne-Time Absorbent Cotton BallPolymers Of Medical TechnologyDisposable Mouthpiece AtomizerOne-time Medical Plaster LinerDisposable Isolation Shoe CoverDisposable Medical Gastric TubeMedical Disposable Gastric TubeDisposable Medical Sterile MaskOne-time Use Production PackageOne-Time Medical Isolation MaskMedicinal Dialysis Care PackageOne-Time Use Gynecology PackageMedical Sterile Vaginal DilatorDisposable Medical Cotton SheetSingle Use Sterile Surgical KitPolymer Suction Connecting TubeSputum Suction Tube For PatientDisposable Contrast Surgery KitOne-Time Use Umbilical Care BagDisposable Non-woven Hole TowelSingle Use Medical Surgical KitPlastic Film Examination GlovesBlood Collection Wound Care KitDisposable AbsorbentCotton SwabDisposable Biodegradable CottonCotton Sheet for Disposable UseSingle Use Blood Collection KitDisposable Treatment Hole TowelMedical Preparation Leather BagPlastic Suction Connecting TubeDisposable Sterile Surgical KitPolyethylene Examination GlovesMedical Disposable Surgical FilmDisposable Medical Gauze BandageEndotracheal Tube For Single UseDisposable Sterile Surgical GownOne-time Medical Treatment TowelDisposable Medical Nitrile GloveSingle Use Absorbent Cotton BallDisposable Sterile Perineal PackDisposable Medical Plaster LinerPediatric Type Simple RespiratorPolymers Used In Medical DevicesDisposable Non-woven Medical CapParaffin Wax Ball for Single UseBlood Collection Trauma Care KitOne-Piece Medical Isolation GownSingle Use Medical Plaster LinerPush-pull Aseptic Vagina DilatorDisposable Medical Surgical FilmDisposable Medical Dressing BallMedical Sterile Delivery PackageOne-time Use Medical Cotton SwabDisposable Absorbent Cotton BallDisposable Medical Surgical MaskDisposable Medical Surgical GownDisposable Umbilical Care PackagePlaster Bandages For Body CastingMedical Non-woven Elastic BandageSterile Endotracheal Tube PackageDisposable Medical Band-type MaskMedical Rubber Examination GlovesSingle-use Absorbent Cotton BallsMedical Cotton Swabs Wooden StickDisposable Medical Isolation GownDisposable Medical Laryngeal MaskMaternal Bleeding Measuring TowelDisposable Absorbent Cotton SwabsGynecological Examination PackageMedical Protective Isolation GownSingle Use Medical Production KitDisposable Film Examination GlovesMedical Sterile Production PackageMedical Disposable Anesthesia MaskDisposable Medical Plaster BandageDisposable Non-woven Surgical GownDisposable Medical Preparation BagDisposable Medical Treatment TowelDisposable Medical Examination PadDisposable Polymer Vaginal DilatorBlood Collection Type Care PackageOne-tine Use Medical Plaster LinerDisposable Medical Vaginal DilatorDisposable Polymer Anesthesia MaskDisposable Medical Protective MaskMedical Surgical Kit for Single UseOropharyngeal Airway For Single UseDisposable Sterile Delivery PackageMedical Non-woven Fabric Hole TowelOne-time Use Polymer Vagina DilatorDisposable Non-woven Fabric BandageDisposable One-Piece Isolation GownOne-time Medical Gynecology PackageMedical Tracheal Intubation PackageAbsorbent Cotton Medical Cotton PadExtracorporeal Fluid Collection BagOrdinary Tracheal Intubation PackageConnecting Tube For External SuctionSingle Use Non-sterile Plaster LinerSingle Use Rubber Examination GlovesDisposable Rubber Examination GlovesDisposable Medical Skimmed Gauze BagBag Body for Extracorporeal DrainageEnhanced Tracheal Intubation PackagePvc External Suction Connecting TubeDisposable Blood Collection Care KitDisposable Polymer Nasal Oxygen TubeDisposable Medical Nasal Oxygen TubeMedical Self-Adhesive Wound DressingDisposable Non-sterile Plaster LinerDisposable Air Atomization ComponentsDisposable Airflow Atomization DeviceDisposable Medical Gynecology PackageDisposable Medical Isolation Eye MaskWhite Polyethylene Examination GlovesIntravenous Infusion Auxiliary PackageDisposable Polymer Medical Oxygen MaskOne-time Use Non-sterile Plaster LinerDisposable Medical Tracheal IntubationCotton Balls Soaked in Liquid ParaffinType Ⅱ Medical Degreased Gauze BlockOne-time Polymer Medical Laryngeal MaskDisposable Medical Blood Collection BagDisposable Medical Paraffin Cotton BallDisposable Medical Isolation Shoe CoverSingle Cavity Reinforced Laryngeal MaskDisposable Self-adhesive Wound DressingDisposable Medical Absorbent Cotton BallBreathing Circuit For Anesthesia MachineDisposable Medical Degreased Gauze BlockSingle-use Medical Absorbent Cotton BallDisposable Non-woven Cloth Isolation GownOne-time Use Self-adhesive Wound DressingOne-way Fish Mouth Type Simple RespiratorOne-time Use Medical Paraffin Cotton BallDisposable Medical Preparation Leather BagMedical Sterile Tracheal Intubation PackageMedical Oropharyngeal Airway for Single UseDisposable Medical Rubber Examination GlovesSingle Use Medical Rubber Examination GlovesDisposable Molded Plastic Examination GlovesDisposable Maternal Bleeding Measuring TowelMedical Non-woven Fabric Isolation Shoe CoverDisposable Medical Sterile Production PackageLarge Disposable Medical Absorbent Cotton Ball
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